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The Etowah County Community Corrections Programs was initiated in 1997 by then Presiding Judge Stewart as a means to provide alternatives to incarceration. Trial judges had at their disposal limited options in dealing with convicted offenders. They could either grant probation or order incarceration in a state prison. These limitations were not satisfactory because they overburdened the state probation and parole staff and caused overcrowding in the prison as well as the local detention center. This also left the offender with very few skills to develop once they were released from jail often leading them back to the same criminal activity.

Alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, non-payment of court cost fines, fees and restitution, lack of job skills and lack of education are major problems that affect Etowah County on a daily basis. Etowah County Community Corrections has always strived to be a part of the solution. ECCC can accept a non-violent defendant into their program and offer solutions that work and are successful. Etowah County Community Corrections gives the individual an opportunity for a second chance through supervision, support and referrals just to name a few.

Etowah County Community Corrections has continued to expand their program each year since it’s inception in 1997. They have been able to save the taxpayers money and provide a community based alternative to incarceration.

‘‘We believe in success.”Etowah Community Corrections

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